Wiky Company

Wiky is one of the largest companies on the toy and stationery market in the Czech Republic.

We are specialists in wholesale and retail sales. We have a wide portfolio of B2B customers (wholesalers, supermarkets, classic stores and e-shops). We operate our own network of stores
and online sales platform.

We do everything to simply bring joy to children. And we have been doing this for more than 30 years.

Wholesale B2B

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of toys, school and office supplies with many years of experience and a strong background?

Contact us!

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Obchodní manažerka hraček

Ing. Lenka Hauerlandová
email: hauerlandova@wiky.cz
tel: +420 518 698 844

Obchodní manažerka papíru

Denisa Kusáková
email: kusakova@wiky.cz
tel: +420 602 625 443

Manažer nákupu hraček

Ing. Pavel Hlaváč
email: hlavac@wiky.cz
tel: +420 518 698 804

Manažer nákupu papíru

Ing. Aleš Amler
email: amler@wiky.cz
tel: +420 518 698 835

Manažer nákupu hraček

Jakub Odradovec
email: odradovec@wiky.cz
tel: +420 518 698 844

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