KrtekThe Little Mole represents one of our main lines of products. Today, our portfolio consists of more than 200 Little Mole items. Toys and other goods with this popular character and his friends reach very high sales figures all year round. We have therefore been trying to come up with more items that can complement this successful line.


Rock Buggy

Rock Buggy is our line of RC toy cars which we introduced in 2016. The first one in the RB family was Red Scarab. Later on, it was joined by Green Monster, Goliash. For the Christmas season of 2018, we launched Blue Scout, an RC toy car with a camera. Through an application, the operator can see the terrain, record videos, take photos and control the toy from a mobile phone.


HuntsmanHuntsman is a very successful line of toy guns for children, having steady sales figures throughout the year. Huntsman toy guns are aimed at boys aged 6 and up. At the present time, the line consists of 9 toy guns.


The CorpsThis unique line is one of few of this kind in the Czech market. It combines toy soldiers and military vehicles with the world of dinosaurs. There is the eternal struggle between good and evil in the world of Corps, and each character has its own personality. There already are collectors in the Czech Republic who wait, every year, for new releases of this line which, in our portfolio, consist of more than 35 items.


BuragoBBurago... they are sophisticated toy car models with metal bodywork, but also models of some other means of transport. We offer these toy cars in various sizes and colours.


Fashion AngelsFashion Angels is a brand name of creative work and beauty sets for girls aged 6 and up. Since 2016, we have been their sole distributor for the Czech Republic. Every year, the manufacturer introduces new products from which we choose some the little girl customers can also find at our shops.


Nebulous Stars

Nebulous Stars is a new line by a Canadian manufacturer whose sole distributor we have been since introducing it to the Czech market in autumn 2018. They are a high-quality products for creative work, painting etc., manicure ... The graphic design of these goods and their packaging is well-made in every detail. We had believed from the beginning that this line would be a success at our shops, which turned out right as soon as it was introduced at stores and after autumn sales.


Royal Breeds

The toy horses from the Royal Breeds stable belong to a very successful line of products, the sole Czech distributor of which we have been since 2016. The collection includes separate toy horses with themed accessories or functions. This range has been steadily selling well and it certainly deserves a place in every shop.


maa maa

MaaMaa is our own brand of toys and supplies for the youngest children. In 2015, we decided to redesign the packaging and gradually extended this product range. There are more than 40 items of this brand today. Just like with all the other products, we ensure that safety of these toys is maintained. All of them are tested and certified.



WinFun is another brand of toys for babies and toddlers. We began selling them in 2017, and since then, we have constantly had over 30 items of this brand on offer.



Keenway also belongs to brands of toys for the youngest ones. Our product range includes mainly various kinds of toy cars and other means of transport for little boys.



PLAYGO offers about 40 toys which help develop children’s motor activity, sensory perception, encourage learning shapes and colours. They are very popular due to their safe design without sharp edges and due to bright colours that always draw children’s attention.



ATLAS is a very popular line of realistic-looking figures of safari and farm animals and also dinosaurs. It comprises more than 130 animal species. It is our own brand which has steady and good sales figures throughout the year.



TOTO is our own brand of school supplies and stationery. It includes about 140 items which are in constant assortment and we sell them all year round. They are competitively priced and of good quality, too.